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daisy chains

  1. ShawnE

    Traded PLEASE CLOSE - ISO 4 Cam buckle straps for Novix Minis

    Whether they be Novix, Lone Wolf, LWCG, Beast, XOP or any other brand (not Hawk) that's exactly that same style - looking for 4 excellent/like new for a good price that someone has lying around not being used. I have 4 like new EWO woven daisy chains would love to make an even trade for if...
  2. ShawnE

    Novix Mini Stick Problems

    Two hunts in with these Novix minis with EWO woven daisy chains and after last nights hunt I am about to ditch them. No matter how hard I try to get them tight enough and set down good and proper, the bottom bracket keeps wanting to kick out when I put pressure on the bottom step. It's...