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windwalker backpack

  1. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE WTS/WTT Windwalker Ultra Lite Backpack

    Original fleece Trebark transport backpack for the 6 pound Windwalker Ultra Lite tree stand that's very difficult to find. Overall the pack is in very good shape - was used with the stand approximately 20 times by the original owner. Two of the plastic buckles are broken - one of them still...
  2. ShawnE

    SOLD PLEASE CLOSE FS Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite Treestand

    I am re-selling my 6 Pound Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite treestand with the original fleece Trebark transport backpack that's nearly impossible to find. I actually sold this stand earlier this summer to a local buddy of mine after my wife and I lost our jobs due to covid. I did some work for...
  3. ShawnE

    PLEASE CLOSE - For Sale: Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite Treestand

    I am selling my 6 Pound Loc On Windwalker Ultra-Lite treestand with the Original fleece Trebark transport backpack. I purchased it last Fall on here and its been stored in the gear closet ever since. Would love to keep it but I have too many projects going on. The previous owner never left it...