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2019 Deer Contest Submission Thread


Staff member
SH Member
Feb 19, 2014
You must post your team number, it will make it easier for me to add points. Thanks!

Please submit your deer contest photos here.

This thread is for submissions only. Please keep discussions to the "2018 Deer Contest Discussion" Thread. Anything in this thread that is not a submission will be deleted, I need to keep it clean to keep track. Thank you.

nature tamer

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Jan 6, 2016
Team 5 6 pt shot Sept 9 public land Maryland. I don't have the saddle in the pic. I do have video of me in the saddle while I shot it though. I understand I don't have enough credits to post a pic with no saddle, but my team said to submit it anyway.Screenshot_20190909-221645_Gallery.jpg