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Amsteel Bridge Buries

No but Samson advertises 70% of average breaking strength

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Thanks Ernie.
Have you tested any whoopie buries?
I still have a hard time wrapping my head around what they say is the proper amount of bury for a brummel. Comparing to a whoopie bury in which it seems to hold just fine with 4" of bury, why does a bury for a brummel have to be ~17"? And while we are at it... if a locked brummel is already locked, then what does the bury do other than to hide the tag end?
Next time I'm at the lab I'll see if they will test one for me.

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So what twine have those used when making the lockstitch? Braided polyester mason line size #18 good? It’s for 1/4” amsteel blue. Thanks