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An Odd Find In The Ohio Woods!

That is totally cool! I've cut wood and firewood for years and have never seen anything like that before either. I wonder if they were shoots from previous cut tree or something? That is super unique!!!
30 years ago my dad found the exact same thing (I believe they were sugar maples also) in an area my family hunts. The limbs were higher up and not quite that far apart, if I remember correctly. It was a really unique thing that he showed to several people. The area was eventually logged and they cut it down. It’s cool that there is another one out there.
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I think it would be easy to make one, cut a vee in each end of a sapling and a matching vee in two trees. fit it tightly, tar and strap together. Just as a graft!
I was thinking the same thing, but the odds against it happening by chance, in nature, are astronomical.