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Animals caught on camera doing amazing things

I think it's a combination of still having a large number of big mature pine trees, close proximity to the river, and being the high ridge maybe the thermals rise earlier......anyway...every year we have some type of bird nest in 1 of my 5 big pines. Last year was crows and I don't care much for them nesting in the tree, year before was red shouldered hawks which I really like watching, barred owls were cool also....but this year we had Mississippi kites nest. They are really cool birds. Only 1 baby survived but I don't know how many hatched....they are way up there. Baby has learned to fly but sucks at it. I try to get pics but I just don't have the right equipment....u guys/gals would appreciate I think. They are very vocal ....like the baby won't shut up but the whistle is a easy call to make and I mess with the baby a little....

I haven't seen a swallow tail for a week or so so I guess they started thier journey to south america

We should start another thread for videos like this and call it stupid human tricks…