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Back to a Bear


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Aug 21, 2020
East Alabama
Okay, okay I need to go into rehab. Arriving at my door a week ago was a Bear 90th anniversary edition Grizzly recurve. 50#@28, 58 in AMO, has the green on the limbs with white tips. *Hangs her head* I put one of Trevor's TTT Dacron strings on it last night. Today I set the brace height and nock points.

It shoots SO sweet. I was putting the arrow into the bullseye at 25 yards, and yall I have NEVER even tried 25 yards until today.

So I SWEAR I'll go into rehab, if I can keep my Grizzly.
I took the Easton aluminum 500s cut at 28 in that I had already and put cutthroat 200s on them. I got lucky they shoot like darts with it. I could not believe how smooth it shoots...With the TTT string. Limb tips not reinforced, so dacron it is.

Annnd of course it's a lefty ;)
Is that a new-new bow? Or new to you bow? Look really nice. I'm just curious because even if its a 'homage' edition, I'm surprise they didn't make the decision to reinforced the tip to accept FF strings.
It's a new new bow done on purpose with the specs of a 1964 Grizzly. I don't know what year fast flight strings came along.