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Beast sticks are available


Oct 2, 2020
There has been some changes. Hardware, I believe is all grade 8. There was some chatter about production was moved back here. I do like mine over the others I tried. However, that’s not a lot of comparisons.


Feb 26, 2020
Central Michigan
I was thinking about getting some tethrd one sticks, but the more I use my beast sticks I think I will just stick to them. Not really worth it to spend 480 bucks to save 2 pounds to me. That is 3 beast sticks with cable aiders to 4 tethrd sticks. Sure I could sell the beast sticks but I like em. They are simple and work better then anything I have tried.


New Member
Jan 3, 2020
S.E. Michigan
Are they? They were being made overseas. Nothing reflects that on the site.
Originally they were not, now they are. That’s why the price increased recently.
They should update and put that on the site. I'm sure they're good sticks they just don't seem to pack that well IMO having seen them in Dan's videos.
If they are now made here I am sure that branding would be on the website. I am not seeing it. $95 is a bit steep for what they are.
Sent a message this afternoon asking if the parts are domestic, north America or globally sourced, got a reply about an hour later.

"All parts are sourced from US companies we source material and machine locally in the Midwest."