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Black Friday 2023 Sales.

Scentlok has their hydrotherm V2 suit on sale 40% off - excellent suit for cold weather. It is wind and waterproof and insulated, the bibs are absolutely money if you’re a bib kinda person. I’ve worn just the bibs and a heated vest in 30 degree weather and been perfectly comfortable.
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Hopefully tethrd has a good discount.. going to pull the trigger on some one sticks if they do!
10% off a sladder.
This one has my attention. Though with all the complaints about the daisy chains being too short, I was hoping that would be changed, so extensions are not necessary.
Anybody know if ooal does any Black Friday sales? Looking to grab a 1" flat scout to try out

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THP sells the Tethrd vest on their website and it’s 25% off rn if anyone has been looking at it. Ends up being $265 after shipping and tax for me.

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