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Black Friday or Christmas sales for Seek Outside / Stone Glacier / Kuiu?


SH Member
Mar 8, 2020
Central Illinois
I'm looking to get a new pack frame (not interested in packs, just frame/suspension) and have been looking at Seek Outside, Stone Glacier, or Kuiu. I plan to order both the Krux EVO and Xcurve from SG, the Revolution from SO, and the frame and pro suspension from Kuiu so I can compare them at the same time to see what works best for me. Do these companies usually do Black Friday or Christmas sales? I'm already going to be spending the money to return the ones I don't like so I would prefer to get them while on sale to help offset the return shipping cost. Much thanks


Well-Known Member
SH Member
Sep 13, 2020
Seek outside sent me a promo for the 10th Anniversary = 10% off
Anniversary2020 code

I recall a annual 10 off sale around black friday