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Classified rules

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Feb 19, 2014
All sales are between the buyer and seller only. saddlehunter.com assumes no responsibility for any sales or issues relating to sales or payment.

*No gun (including parts) or ammo sales.*

*Classified postings are limited to 1 bump per day.

*If you don't like the price someone is asking, ignore it or offer them less via private message. Do not harass them publicly or engage in conversation about it.

**DIY, modified and custom made saddles that are not manufactured by a saddle manufacturer are no longer allowed to be sold.

*Negotiations and offers are to take place in private messages, not in the listing. The listing should stick to the offering, "message sent" and "please close"."

*Classified items descriptions must be listed for sale in the classified post. Links to external sales sites are not allowed.
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