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Convincing OnX or similar to update satellite imagery yearly...


New Member
May 23, 2019
The way that all these apps operate is by patching together outside maps like google etc. None of them own their own satellites.

Allegheny Tom

Well-Known Member
SH Member
Feb 4, 2018
Western Pennsylvania
I just wish onX added a feature to allow you to scroll thru dates, similar to google earth. Even if it was limited to desk top use.

They recently updated the maps for my area from an early spring image to a late summer image. All the green makes everything look the same
I've recently been in touch with onX about some issues I was having. They asked me if there were any other things I would like to see onX employ. I told them I would love to see historical imagery similar to Google Earth. They said they have considered offering that.
Maybe if more users contacted them and requested it they might offer it.
OnX has been very responsive to my inquiries in the past.


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SH Member
Jan 19, 2019
I did that already a few times this is my theory i think rather spend thier money on advertising than worry about imagery. Over all onxmaps still has the best product in my opinion and until another company can catchup to them i dont think going to spend the money on imagery for maps.