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Crossbow functionality with JX-3?


Active Member
SH Member
Apr 15, 2019
Considering going from compound to crossbow in 2022. Looking for any info y’all have in crossing over. I assume you need to cock the Xbow in the stand. How big a deal is that? Shooting from the JX with xbow? Is pulling the xbow up to hunting height an issue? Any thoughts/insight appreciated. Considering the Mission Sub XR. Thanks!


Well-Known Member
Jun 4, 2019
Whitehall, Michigan
I busted my bow up and finished the year with a crossbow out of my JX3. Pretty easy to shoot and very effective ..... felt a little like cheating. I had no problem pulling it up or dropping down. Not sure I ever found the perfect way to hang it. High on the right side is what I mostly used. I was using an Excaliber and a rope cocker. No way to cock that beast on a ROS that felt safe to me. A winch-style cocker ..... no problem. I will be back to my vertical bow next season but at some point in the future, I will own a crossbow for sure.


New Member
Dec 14, 2019
I also used an Excalibur Matrix X-bow out of my JX3 this year(using the rope cocking aid). I always cocked the X-bow on the ground, but only loaded the bolt when I was fully set up at hunting height. I was able to recock it at height once to put a second shot into a buck that ducked and dropped with a spine shot with the first shot-definitely not as easy, but doable.