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Easy to make trail markers that work great.


Well-Known Member
Jun 6, 2020
Im using cheap CREE LED flashlights off ebay that use 18650 rechargeables. Dont under estimate them for the price. Been using them for night time fox hunting for years - work great.



Well-Known Member
Apr 28, 2020
We use reflective flagging tape. It’s like bucks for a roll and they last a long time. In my experience bright blue with reflective markings is the best. At night I’ve found it really stands out rather then pink, yellow, red, or orange flagging tape which can be same shade as some of our flowers. Not much things in the mountains that is bright blue so it’s a huge confidence booster when you see it. We almost never cut trail just put up a flag and follow flags and gps. None of our beginning sections of trails have flags only once you really get in on em you see em and you gotta know what to look for. Never had any problems with guys using my trail... but then again most other hunters are lazy and don’t wanna step foot off the beaten path