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Fawn Reacts To Does Alarm Blow.

First defense they ever adopt is to stay still and blend in and it stays with them their whole life. I can't even count the number of times I've almost stepped on (or walked right by within feet of) a deer that was hunkered down. That goes for does and bucks.
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Yes, especially during spring turkey season I’ve walked by, up to and almost touched resting fawns. Mother cows will do the same thing with their calfs. Just had to go on a calf hunt this past Tuesday for my cousin. We found that calf bedded almost 300 yards away in a grown over pasture. The cow bellered when we started into the cover to look for it. I’m convinced that was a signal for it to stay put. We found it after about 25 minutes of three of us searching. We ended up getting it moving back toward the mother cow but just like a whitetail, it circled back around us downwind and went almost exactly to the spot where we first found it bedded. That was at last light and the mother cow, which went back down to water with everybody else came right back and went in looking for her calf. That calf was already too spry to catch. We should have had a line.


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