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Fishing & Scouting


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Dec 24, 2016
W. Alabama
I’m kindof a lucky guy. I have access to a remote stretch of free flowing log infested stream that has state hunting property along much of its banks. Its got some bass fishing and a few good bucks that inhabit its remote swamps. I’ve fished this stretch for about 50 years and began hunting it a few years back when the state purchased a couple of thousand acres of its swamp.

These deer are not easy to hunt but I enjoy the challenge. I found a spot in a curve about 30 minutes upriver a few years back. It has a cluster of chestnut oaks and water oaks. There is one massive white oak that is the largest I’ve ever seen on this river. There is also an equally impressive water oak nearby. I found this place about three years ago and it took me a while to figure out a setup. I found a place to park my canoe and walk the edge to a tree orverlooking a trail entering the feeding area. The tree is only about 10” from the rivers edge. It’s downwind to a W or NW wind and has lots of cover till they walk just past.

Yesterday I carried my drill and bolts and my cousin and I bass fished till we reached this spot. There is a dry slough bed they cross coming to the acorns. The trail was already well used and we eased towards the big oaks and we saw why. The water oaks are already beginning to fall and also a few chestnut acorns were on the ground. I had drilled a tree last year to hunt here and then it flooded and stayed flooded all season. I looked back at the tree and figured where I would be hanging and trimmed a 5 or 6 limbs and then drilled till I was 11 bolts high (about 22”). It’s a good looking setup and a place I will use the JX3 for its first serious sit. Wish me luck.

Here is a picture of a track on the trail from last year and the big white oak.



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SH Member
Nov 1, 2018
Heart of Dixie
Looks like a fun day scouting. I love the water access. I’m wondering what WMA you’re on.