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Good public land buck in my custom saddle


Jul 2, 2015
A97416C0-654B-4746-9026-E9D99271A75A.jpeg Went out Saturday afternoon on a whim to some Public land. About 545 had 2 small bucks come feeding past me. Then 3 does came crashing through the woods. One small buck started grunting and chasing the does. A doe came back around and picked me off instantly. She stared me down for 20 minutes stomping and bobbing her head. Then this buck came walking down. I first saw him from about 70 yards out. Took him 20 min, then he made it to 30 yards out he put his head down to eat. I drew back, the doe blewand ran off, the buck froze and I quickly let the arrow fly. Slammed him perfectlyand he went 40 yards. Now, the bad.. I was 1,567 yards from the truck per google maps, felt like 15,670 yards. Nocart, bc it was too thick. Got 2 buddies and we drug him out. Using my modified aerohunter and loggy bayou featherstix. Super quick and easy setup put me in close to their bedding area.


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Sep 19, 2014
That's a sweet buck!! Congrats!

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