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Help with map scouting


New Member
Jul 5, 2023
So I got this chunk to hunt, which to me looks super good for high power, but I've only got archery permission here. I'd love to give it a shot, but I'm not exactly sure what my game plan should be like going in? There's only 1 entrance for me, that road on the south east corner. So I'm think to park a half mile back, walk in, and just sit inside that main chunk of Bush on the south and see what I see, maybe slowly moving forward throughout the morning.

Or what do you guys think? I' have a lot to learn lolIMG-20230830-WA0002.jpg
How big is that field, 150 acres? Also, is it or will it be planted with anything for the season?

same question i had....i see 2 potential funnel spots on that north side in the river bend and as BTaylor asked, a kayak or small boat would be awesome for getting in there undetected.
I do have a canoe, but I'm a little worried about the possibility of not being super quiet in the dark lol... I dont know exactly how many acres it is probably 150+. The feild was canola, is all harvested by now.
I would go in now and scout and look for sign, particularly travel corridors. I'd be particularly interested in the area to the south east of the large field and would look for a setup maybe 50 to 100 yards from that field edge. The sign will tell you where and how.
My guess was 150-160 acres for that field. Outlined property is touch over 360.

@imstihlaguy I would definitely consider using the canoe for accessing the northern parts for sure. I like your thought of not driving into the property as well. Other than the obvious pinch points @Dmathews87 mentioned, I like the looks of the 2 inside corners in the southern part of the property and would access by foot or from the water most likely to cut down on disturbance until I had a better handle on how and where deer use the property the most.
Agree with what others have stated. I would definitely do a scout trip to identify any travel corridors. If I personally had to go in and setup on this place, sight unseen, I'd park 1000 yards up that access road, walk in, and setup in the SE corner of that field. Even if you didn't get anything within shooting distance, should serve as a great vantage point to scout any other activity around that field perimeter. Bring binoculars! :D
I think you're going to have to hunt for travelways near the property lines, specifically the bottom of the big field you do have permission on and that little corner by that gasline/powerline cut.. All the prime spots are off the property you have unfortunately.
Thanks guys. All great advice. I think I'm gonna dedicate a full day hunt to this, which I normally don't do during archery, and sit the morning in the south bush. Then ill take a nap in the truck after lunch and late afternoon ill canoe out to get close to that northern bedding area, and have a sit there for the eve.
Maybe ill change my plans yet lol. Thanks for all the help