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How did you cook venison today?

Venison burgers


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this one time i got stuck in Ohio for 8 years. it was miserable but i did enjoy the chili. anywho this is Hank Shaw's chorizo made with a venison/pork fat mixture smoked over pecan wood topped with a venison copy cat skyline chili recipe to make cheese coneys.
IMG_0437.jpegIMG_0441.jpegIMG_0438.jpegIMG_0439.jpegIMG_0436.jpegDecided to pan sear some venison burger in the cast iron (finish in the oven)

Seasoned burger
Coated with yellow mustard
High heat in the cast iron on stove top
Finish in oven
Sharp cheese
Two over easy eggs seasoned with salt and pepper still runny yokes
Sugar free ketchup and sauce
I am doing carnivore hence the sugar free ketchup and sauce and no bun