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Hoyt Satori copy "45lb Tbow"


Dec 14, 2023
First impressions I like it shoots smoothly and no vibration or very little that I can detect. First group at 20 yards not bad. Shot it at 30 a little low but still nice I would say. Shooting a 29in 400 GT with a total weight of 494 grains 225 grains up front.


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I am loving this bow. I think I have it bare shaft tuned pretty well. The 400 gt shaft with 225 grains up front seem to shoot very good. Shot @ 30 yards the fletched arrow with a 125 grain magnus stinger and 100 gain insert lands right next to the bare shaft.


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Just looked up the TBOW.....talk about an exact copy of the Hoyt! Even down to the color options
Yeah, it is and I am very impressed by how it shoots, smooth, comfortable ,an consistent. It's under rated IMO...for the price you would have a hard time finding a better bow. Just my opinion of course. I have the black riser and camouflaged it some.
This is my first recurve and I must say I am hooked! Today, I was just shooting 25 yards practiced on form and my anchor thumb knuckle just under ear and set against my jawbone.


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I bought one a few years ago and put a set of uukha limbs on it. Its a damn fine bow for the price