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Is it really cheaper to make your own arrows any more?

Build my own cause I can make it my way plus it’s just fun for me. I save some money cause I got all the tools and when I have spare change I buy supplies and after awhile it builds up I shoot primarily carbons but I got 100s + of woodies from 20 plus years I can turn into shafts
So in my opinion get all the tools start stock piling supplies and after you make a couple dozen arrows you won’t think anything of the cost LOL
Like most things I’d say depends. Reason I started trying to make my own was I ordered special order ones from a known company. Paid for rush order, 7-10 days. $256.54 (I looked up my receipt) for a dozen arrows. Ordered 9/7 that year and shipped 10/12. Wraps were peeling when I opened the box. Vanes (that weren’t even what I ordered) fell off in the first dozen shots I took. Hated how they flew. They said they were short staffed, gave me almost no money back.

Bought a jig from the classifieds here. Cheap cutoff saw. Buy bare shafts now and I like making them and in that instance it’s less expensive. It’s also way less expensive to turn clearance ones into arrows my son and daughter can shoot and I don’t need to worry about mishaps.