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Latitude Outdoors


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Jan 18, 2020
Wondering if anyone else has had an issue with customer service and delayed shipping from Latitude?

I placed a "pre-order" for an X-Wing platform on 08 March 2023 and at the time, the website stated an early June shipment. I sent an email to Latitude on 30 June 2023 asking to receive an update on the order. Two follow-up emails sent as of today and no response from Latitude.

I'm frustrated because I've seen the platform in three different stores but I don't have the one I paid for in March as a "pre-order"....

Anyone else experience this type of thing with Latitude?

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I wanted to call but there isn't a contact number listed on the website.

After sending another email last night and including the email address linked to the PayPal transaction from March, I got a response but nothing of substance. Just a simple, "we should be getting some platforms in soon. If you'd like to cancel your order, we completely understand..." response. Still waiting on response from the person I was referred to regarding shipping.

Have to say, first experience with Latitude and highly likely to be my last.

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Message Alex Chopp directly on instagram if you have that. You should get some type of answer at least. I would be frustrated if I were you. All dealings I’ve had with latitude have been positive.
Yeah, Alex was the email linked to PayPal that I finally added to the message string after not getting a response from the email provided with my order confirmation and also listed on their website....

Got a response from Alex last night and received an update on my order this evening after sending another email. Should see it within a week....

I don't use social media at all so having to use social media to contact a business isn't even on my list.

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I'm late here but I had the same issue trying to contact them. I like the x- wing but I doubt I'll buy from them again. Too bad too, they're local for me, I think you're over this way too. Pretty crazy we can't even get stuff when we're in the neighborhood!
Received my platform yesterday. @Horn, you're correct, they're local for me too and I share your thoughts on future business.

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