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Lh bow


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SH Member
Dec 3, 2015
Buddy gave me this shout out to @MOBIGBUCKS. Named her “Murder One” after Motorheads Lemmys bass amp! PSE typhoon 27 28 29 mods 60 pd limbs. New 60x strings and WB have matching 4 inch vanes for arrows. Needs assembled. And dipped in Multicam by your a truly! Can throw in 3 300 spine arrows as well. If someone has a teen or youth I’d be elated to pass It on

bbva atm


SH Member
Oct 23, 2020
I also have a left handed nephew been struggling because lh bows are hard to find and he's on a budget he's been struggling with shooting rh so if Brock11232016 ends up not wanting it I would be interested