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Linesmans rope question

Black Titan

Sep 15, 2023
Howdy folks,

Got my new Zook 2.0 linesmans belt today. I plan to replace the prusik with a ropeman, but curious about the connection on the other side.

The belt comes with two carabiners, one to mount to the ropeman and my linesmans loop, the other for the opposite side linesmans loop.

Is it better/safer to use the girth hitch for the opposite side, or is the rated carabiner the better choice? So the linesmans belt would be connected via 2 carabiners instead of a girth and one carabiner.

I know the two biners would be more convenient, just wondering what the safer option is. Specially for a bigger guy like myself.

Hey there, saw you had joined here. I prefer to just girth hitch the one end, mainly to cut down on potential metal banging. But that’s just my personal preference.
I personally like to girth hitch one end of my lineman's belt to my saddle. It reduces the number of metal/mechanical devices to clang around and reduces the likelihood it isn't in my dump pouch when I need it. I don't believe one way is safer than the other.
It is easier to pass a carabiner around the back of the tree than a carabiner, Ropeman, and the rest of rope.
I use 2 biners. Both are wrapped in duct tape to dampen any metal to metal contact. I don’t use an ascender on my lineman’s. I just use a prussic with a tender. I do use a Ropeman on my teather though.