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Loops on tether for 2TC


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Nov 25, 2023
What are the loops called that you can use on your tether to advance it? They look like they would prevent you capturing your fingers under the tether and against the tree if you would slip at an inopportune time. I've seen photos of them but don't know what they're called.

I think you could make some loops with amsteel, they don't really have any stress on them and they don't support any weight.
They are called tether handles. You are right, they absolutely keep your fingers safe.
The guy I got them from doesn’t appear to have a website anymore. With that said, I now make my own 1/8” Amsteel dogbones.

Here’s how I do it:
1: Start with 24” piece of 1/8” Amsteel
2: Taper both ends (that’s 6 stands since 1/8” is a 12 strand weave)
3: Mark each end at 6” and go to the middle of the strand with your tool (loop turner/bent over wire) and fish to that 6” mark
4: Bury that end back until you have about a 1” loop (I pull the loop over a regular sized Sharpie) and it works well.
5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for other end
6: Optional, but I run a 7” length of shock cord through each side to act as a limiter for how wide the handles will stretch as you are advancing using them. It’s just kind of inefficient if you allow them to completely flatten. This also prevents the loops from pulling out since I don’t make these with a locked Brummell splice. Side note; a straight eye splice like I do here is much stronger than a Brummell splice. .


If you use bigger diameter rope for your top tether, just leave your loops a little bigger. I sometimes use 10.5mm Platinum as my top tether and made those loops a little bigger.
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That's exactly the info I was looking for, thank you. My tether/rappel rope is 9mm Canyon C-IV.
Just FYI, the original tether handles made with sewn 1” nylon webbing do work a little better due to the loops being engaged with more surface area of the tether. The Amsteel dogbones that I now use are fine, but if I could sew, I would go for the webbing version.
These started out as a friction hitch tender with webbing sewn between the two. I cut off the webbing, tied on some paracord in a cobra weave, and they work great to advance the tether. They can come off if needed if I’m pulling down the rappel rope through branches of other rough stuff and I’m worried about them snagging.


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They don’t have to be too complicated. Those that @mtsrunner is making are about as high quality as you can have, wether you bought or made them.…..way overkill IMHO, but those certainly are SWEET! I made some out of a short piece of arrow shaft and paracord. Just run the cord through a piece of shaft, around the rope and back through the shaft. Go around the rope again and close the loop with a hunters bend. My first set of handles were too long, so I made them shorter.