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Maybe the 3rd time will be the charm


New Member
Sep 22, 2019
Northern VA
To start off, this is my first season Saddle hunting, but Second season deer hunting. Couldnt get out last year due to a broken kneecap and I’m still working on popping my cherry on tagging a deer.

Since I’ve only been hunting public land, I went out on a Friday and set up an hour before shooting light in a small clearing off of a powerline with a trail leading right into it. Come daybreak nothing is moving, not even the squirrels, so after a few hours I decide to take a nap (which is much easier to do in a saddle) and end up side saddling the tree.

After about 10 minutes into my nap I hear footsteps right on the other side of the tree, to which I peek out and get surprised by a 2yo spike, which for someone who still has not popped their cherry is essentially a trophy buck. Unfortunately I was still side saddled in the tree and couldnt manage to get back in position to take a shot with my bow before he decided to take off. He probably heard me moving around.

Dissapointed in myself I decided to hop out of the tree and pack up to go home. On my way out however I ran into him again on the trail to which he gave me a perfect broadside shot but was staring right at me. Stupidly I decided to let an arrow fly, which ended up sailing right over his back. Needless to say I knew better than to attempt that shot since it was rushed, the deer was staring right at me and I was out in the open. Luckily I had managed to not even shave some hair off his back so I didn't have to worry about wounding him.

Fast forward a few days, im still a little upset with myself but decided to go right back to the same spot i was set up in but a different tree to give me a better angle... and sure enough at the same time and the same place he comes trotting right back out. This time I’m prepared and set up properly... he gives me another broadside shot, I line up my pin, and let the arrow fly... right over his back again. In my excitement I misjudged the distance and overestimated how far he was (20yds) and sailed it right over his back... so one takeaway I got from this experience is I need a rangefinder because right now I cant trust my eyes.

Not the best story, but figured I would share with the group. Going to try my luck tomorrow again with the muzzleloader to at least get meat in the freezer.