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Most durable transportable ozone generator(s) and how to size them


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Sep 4, 2018
Can anyone recommend from experience a ozone generator that is durable and will last a long enough to be worth it's cost.
Am going to build me a transportable de-scenting container for a new JX3 G2 I just bought. Are going to buy a large enough tightly sealing storage container to place my JX3 in and use a ozone generator to descent it between uses.

Also how does one determine if a particular ozone generator is large enough to do the job you requier of it?



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Dec 25, 2018
Apparently there's a bit of life expectancy on ozone generators. I bought a small rechargeable cheap one from Amazon labeled "Bone View" but there are several others that look the same as that one just re-branded. I can replace it yearly if needed without breaking the bank. I use a sealed cooler to store my clothes and it seemed to work well (at least it took out any B.O. I noticed without washing all the time and fading my clothes.) An added benefit to the cooler is its dual purpose and can use it to store meat when on away from home hunts.
For what you're describing, Hunter's Specialties used to make a large zip lock style bag that would probably handle the JX3 pretty well. Some people claim ozone may degrade plastic, straps, etc. so there's that to consider too.
I'm pretty sure the effective area is labeled on the generator. Between ozone treatments, I'd drop a panty hose with tied ends and filled with bulk carbon to absorb any other residual odors.
I'm not a scent free nerd by any means but it's an easy and handy method to extend times between washing hunting gear.
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