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New and not a fan...yet

My recommendation (your mileage may vary) ;):

If it has to be a saddle with no pressure points, and is easily adjustable to support your ENTIRE back & legs-Dryad Drey LL.

2nd choice of saddle-not as adjustable or comfortable as the Drey to me, but still a very comfortable, and a more "traditional" saddle than the Drey- Overwatch Outdoors Transformer.

If comfort is the most important thing, (and IMO it should be, but I'm 60 yrs old!) and you don't want to $pend alot of $ experimenting-JX3 Hybrid.

I have all 3, and love them all! The Drey is my early season saddle, when I'm out mornings and/or evenings.

When November comes, & I'll be out all day, it's the JX3. The Transformer is my backup.

Lots of videos on all of them on YouTube.
I just finished my second full season of saddle hunting and wished I would have made the transition sooner. I can't speak on any single panel setup as I have never owned one. I purchased a two panel ESS system (Eberhart Signature Saddle).
The bottom panel stays under your butt almost like a swing and the top panel you adjust to the height you want. I use a ring of steps so I keep most of the weight on the saddle and not my feet. I love the adjustability but I feel most comfortable when I have the two panels overlapping.
I spent every afternoon for 3 weeks practicing in a tree.... with my feet at most 2 feet off the ground. I practiced constantly with the lineman's belt and tether back and forth to make sure I could do it correctly before trying it 20 feet up. I also tried to fallout and tried all the stupid shot angles I could to gain confidence. I love the fact that I can easily move around a tree for cover and the true ability to SAFELY shoot 360 degrees. I took 7 doe my first season and the safety aspect of always being attached to the tree prompted me to buy my son and son-n-law each the same setup. We practiced a bunch in the yard this past summer and they both used them this past season. Hands down they said it was the best hunting gift they have ever received. They constantly sent me pictures of them set up in their saddles.
That being said, some days the saddle is more comfortable than other days but it is the best gear change I have made.
Side note.... I have killed deer out of this saddle that I could not have got a shot on from my lock-on.
It's not for everyone but it is worth the effort.
Good luck to you!!!!