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New Saddle Hunters - please read from a "Pro Staffer"


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Dec 2, 2014
Guys/Gals, first welcome to Saddle Hunting and to the Vendor section.

If you have a question about a product I highly encourage you to reach out to reps with the red vendor rep button (just be aware we are not allowed to interact with you outside this area of Saddle Hunter forums). If you are not a paying member please feel free to PM me for any saddle question. Paying members can post or PM. I'll do my best to help ya out whether its saddles, tethers, trad archery, redbones, kayaking, lol. Seriously, I've been a member here since the beginning and I'd love to help you find your fit.

As this site has grown there is a lot of silliness that has crept in. Despite what a small few negative folks say and do, most pro staff sincerely care about your saddle hunting journey.

I know for myself, I don't care what gear eventually fits you, I just want to try my best to help you find it. I actually think its a huge plus to be able to reach out to field testers of gear I am interested in. For clarification, I am a field tester for Tethrd products, I do not receive any form of compensation from them. Outside the gear I am currently testing for them, I still buy 100% of the gear I wind up hunting with. If you see me using a product it is because I found it to work.

Look forward to seeing your set ups and some hero pics come Fall.
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