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Petition to formally demand that swampsnyper attend Saddlepalooza 2019!!

I would think the the over whelming response from the community supporting his attendance ought to be enough to make him feel obligated to attend.
I’ll may consider going after I finish building this house that still hasn’t started yet. But is suppose to break ground in 2 weeks. I been putting plans off for everything because I think I’ll be in the middle of this house build. But it keeps delaying. Should have started 6 months ago. Was going through a bank that dragged their feet for 6 months. Finally had enough and fired them and the new bank got everything finished in 6 weeks. Not a good way to start on this project.
Another thing. Since we proved there are no hogs at that base, let’s do it somewhere simpler. I am not registering ****! Even though G2 did a fantastic job of easing all the processes to be able to attend, I didn’t care for all the red tape of that place. I’m getting bombed with permits and the gov telling me what I can’t do and how to do, on my own land, in the middle of the woods, with no neighbors, out of the city limits, to build this house and I guess that had me in a bad mind set and reading all the rules to go hang out with a bunch of guys I talk with everyday just turned me off.
Slowly coming around and the petition isn't 12 hours old yet. LOL !! Embrace the red tape my friend. It only gets worse from here. It's disgusting but I can understand it on a military base. Hurry up with the house. We will see you in February!!!