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practicing pre-game...


New Member
SH Member
Jun 8, 2020
Brampton, Ontario
So... since i haven't actually hunted anything yet I can't help but try and practice so when i have some meat in the freezer i can feel more prepared!

Made my first smoked summer sausage!! =] seemed to turn out alright!
cubed up some beef and pork and gave them a little freeze, grinded and added in the cure and spices, stuffed and smoked with some apple flavor chips!
need a taller smoker lol or rigg up a contraption to get them higher i guess... i'll see if i can figure something out for future!
i ended up hanging them a little different than the picture and was able to get the pan with the chips above the element and the water pan too
then sliced them up and made some sealed bags! haha new to all of this but its rather enjoyable! feel like I've been missing out!
1594055114524.png IMG_20200706_081658_01[11595].jpg IMG_20200706_094412_01[11596].jpg
and few weeks ago made some sausage for the first time! used a pork shoulder, cubed and lightly froze, then grinded, seasoned and stuffed!
IMG_20200531_134426_01[11598].jpg IMG_20200531_152524_01[11600].jpg 1594055246191.png
haven't been able to get jerky right in the smoker yet, but a had a good batch turn out in the dehydrator! was a little too salty but! progress! =]

anyways! just wanted to share! =] hopefully as i gain some hunting experience ill be able to make a true field to fork experience =]

Practical Huntsmen

New Member
Apr 4, 2020
It really depends on the meat, thinner smaller pieces dry faster. The jerky gun keeps things uniformed, used one for the first time last year. For me I prefer 1/4" thick slices. Marinate for at least 48 hours, a little apple cider vinegar will break down the tissue's. I save my marinade to bast with if I start to see the seasoning dry up "turning whitish." If you live in an area with high humidity or cold day don't be afraid to turn the heat up 225. Just have to check on it more often.