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Question about Areohunter? Are they ok?


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Dec 20, 2018
So I have an order that was placed on 8/10/20. Placing the order the website stated 3-4 weeks. I contacted Debbie as I knew that there were wildfires up there. Debbie stated that the fires were about 20 miles from them and that they were ok for now. Was told that my son's saddle would ship the week of 9/11 or that following Monday. Well Monday has come and gone, and I've heard nothing. I sent an email early this morning, but as of yet no reply. They are very prompt about replying has been my experience. I am wondering if anyone knows their status as to their safety. Honestly, I could care less about a saddle when their lives and livelihood are in jeopardy...but I would like to know their status and that they are safe.