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Saddlehunter.com Rules

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Feb 19, 2014
Updated 6/13/23

Besides the terms of service, which can be found here: http://www.saddlehunter.com/community/index.php?help/terms, I am implementing a few basic rules for use of this site. This site is dedicated to saddle hunting and while everyone is entitled to their own views on politics and religion they are very divisive topics. If you wish to discuss them there are other places on the internet to do so.
1. No politics
2. No religion
3. Be respectful of all other members
4. I do the best I can to keep this a friendly environment. My word is final.
5. No cursing
6. Scent control discussions are to be posted in the "Scent Control" forum only. Regardless of your beliefs, please respect others. Any posts or comments that are subjective and argumentative will be deleted.
7. Bashing of this forum and the moderators will not be tolerated. Temporary or permanent bans will be issued at the staff's discretion.
8. Giveaways to promote YouTube or social media channels will be considered vendor giveaways and should be posted in the Vendor Giveaway/Discount Codes forum area.
9. If a link is provided in a post for any goods and services that are in an affiliated relationship with the poster the affiliation must be included in the post containing the link. Failure to do so will result in deletion of the post.

Warnings will be given for rules violations. Frequent violations will result in vacations and bans at the staff's discretion.

Saddlehunter Vendor Rules

Vendor interactions are limited to the Vendor Access Area. Please see the link below for the Vendor Access Area rules.
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