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Shout out to Tethrd Nation


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SH Member
Dec 26, 2019
Tethrd Nation,
I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much to your entire team...This is my first year saddle hunting although I have been following you guys for a couple years now...In my opinion you guys have done so much for the saddle hunting community...all the awesome free information you guys have on youtube is simply amazing...I never could have accomplished a method for saddle hunting in such a short time that works for me had it not been for you guys...Jared: Such a humble assassin...because of you I learned how to throw a kung fu kick from my saddle!...your videos are a blast to watch and I thank you...Greg: Your passion and never say quit attitude is such an inspiration...your constant search for improvement in your methods are awesome...your genuine desire to share your experience and knowledge deserves a great big thank you...Ernie: The man able to climb tall trees in a single bound!...your humility and ability to share your knowledge is amazing...your instructional content is second to none...you know how to attract the attention to your information in such a humble manner...thank you for the HYS DIY video and all of your other videos...My HYS strap is on of if not the favorite accessory that I have...thanks! ...and Carl (sp) : the michael jordan of the sewing machine...the quiet guy behind the scenes...king of the DYI guys!...thank you for sharing your amazing talent with us...To each and every other member that I dont know about I say also, thanks to you for your efforts! ...The amazing thing to me is that you guys had no idea where all that effort you all put in would end up...and yet you still shared and continued to improve all you methods and gear to share with us...you guys have made a lot of our learning curves much much shorter because of the passion you have for saddle hunting...I would like to say thank you all for bringing us along on your journeys through the world that is saddle hunting...last but not least thank you for introducing a lot of us to Mr John Eberheart...hes in a class all his own...

Much Love and Respect