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TDT goes to Alaska 2023 edition

We are back in Juneau drying everything out and getting packed for the flight home tomorrow after spending most of the week in the rain/wind. I basically lived in my waders/bibs and rain jacket, if we weren't slogging through tidal flats and waist deep creek crossings and tall grass, we were getting rain sideways so wet was definitely the theme of the trip. Saw a black bear but it escaped into the woods before we could get close enough, and were 75 yards from a cow/calf moose (only bull tag) so we came back wet and having learned a lot but without any game (as I expected, particularly after having the last minute change of plans). Weather was tough this week but it is what it is, I feel like we learned a lot about where moose like to live/be. Tons of moose and bear sign found just didn't catch up/connect with them. Next trip. Was still a great week in the woods with my brother, would do it again even if I knew the outcome would be the same.

Will add some photos later on, I've got boat cleanup and drying out gear to do
I love it ...thats hunting the northest west.tag soup is most comon for some species.some animals are harder to find and tag than others due to the fact that they cover crazy miles of ground..and some conditions create finaminal memories.i have been hunting north oregon coast rang elk for 13 years and just filled my first tag on one.i have yet to tag a mature blacktail buck,thats what got me in to climbing trees with a saddle.
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Hard to capture how big and tough this terrain was in photos, most of the harder bits the phone stayed in the pack, but I grabbed a few photos here and there when the rain wasn't dumping and adding them here for some visual storytelling. We slept on my brother's boat each night which was nice for somewhat drying out, but required some long hikes in/out each day. The one blue sky day was the day we arrived, we had high hopes the weather break would continue as forecasted, but SE Alaska had other plans.