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Trad Endless Loop Bowstrings


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Sep 7, 2017
Dayton, Ohio
Alright everyone, I have talked to redsquirrel about this and he has asked that I post here and not the classifieds section.

I have been making my own bowstrings for sometime now, and have found that I really enjoy the process. I have found that I enjoy sharing my bowstrings with others just as much. After making a few strings for a friend, I was encouraged to offer them for sale.

I am generally not one to put myself out there like this, but I think it is a great way to challenge myself and maybe find that I am capable of taking on a degree of risk and responsibility that I have found excuses to avoid in the past. I have had several business ideas that I have always let fear of failure stop me from pursuing. Let me say that I do not believe I will stop working my day job doing this, but perhaps I can generate enough income to pursue my hobby and provide a service to others.

With that said, I am going to offer 5 strings to the first 5 people to PM me wanting one. I have decided to sell these first few strings @ $15 each. I know that I am not a reputable, well-known bowstring maker, so I will offer a refund for anyone who receives a string that they are not happy with. I do have one request. I ask for honest feedback on my strings, what string and serving materials you would like to see offered, and popular colors that you would want. This is a small side venture, so I might not ever be able to offer as many options as a commercial company, but I would like to be versatile. Even if you do not request a string for this initial feeler, please feel free to PM me the following : 1) Desired String Material 2) Desired Serving Material 3) Color Preferences.

Now for the particulars. Since this is a hobby-turned-side hustle my material choices at this time are limited. Super limited. I have been making my strings from Brownell Rhino. I currently have on hand Hot Pink and Light Blue. I also might have enough BCY 8125G in Silver to make one solid color string. I use BCY Halo .017 and .024 as my serving, depending on strand count and nock fit. Personally, I shoot a 16 strand string with .017 Halo and get a pretty good fit for my Gold Tip Trad 500 nocks, if not on the tight side. Hopefully that gives some context. I am making endless loop strings only at this time because for me it is easier to get the length right. I will make a 2 color or a solid color string, your choice. These will be for Trad Bows only. I am just not comfortable making compound strings.

So, if you would like to receive a string please PM me the following:

Bow AMO :
Current String Length :
Current End Serving Lengths (from loop tip to end of end serving) :
Current Center Serving Location and Length (distance from top and bottom loop tips to center serving top and bottom) :
Desired String Color(s) :
Desired Strand Count :

First 5 requests get a string. I will go off message time stamp. If for some reason you are not in the first 5 I will contact you and discuss options.

Thank you. And Thank you redsquirrel for creating this space for us to do what we do.

Joshua Sexton