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Treehopper Recon Adjustable Bridge

Allegheny Tom

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SH Member
Feb 4, 2018
Western Pennsylvania
This may be the route I go.. Going by REI later today, I may pick up some shock cord just to try out.. I got used to running my pouch’s for ropes, but may switch to just daisy chaining them on the saddle.

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Dont get junk shock cord.
You can get quality marine grade shock cord from Sgtknots. It has 100% stretch (meaning a 1 foot piece will stretch to 2 feet max). And it doesnt wear out...never loses it stretchability.
I used 3/16".
Its affordable too. I bought a 100 foot roll and I find dozens od uses for the stuff. Pair it with zip ties and you'll come up with all kinds of uses.