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Venison Cuts and Preparation


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Feb 11, 2019
North Alabama
Ya exactly. There is far more than you need, but I make lager batches, then shred and freeze packs of the meat for future dinners. I then freeze small pouches of the liquid for each of those.

Sorry I didn't make it over for dinner!
This was one of the best venison dishes I have ever had. I’m sorry you couldn’t make it too

I didn’t feel the need to add the lard he suggested. I tried a small portion with some and I couldn’t tell a difference. Save those calories for a margarita.

This is going to made in large batches in the future.



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SH Member
Oct 12, 2017
Where the skys are so blue!
I definitely want to try canning. Since having kids and generally working longer hours our cooking has gotten a lot simpler as we try to do more of those super quick, prep in advance, easy cleanup weeknight meals supplemented by a lot of chic fil A. Oh the days when I could loaf around all evening and have a gourmet dish done at 8 PM, sometimes I miss them.
I'd like to can some to free up freezer space.