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Western Pa - Jx3 or Kestrel/Mantis


New Member
Nov 21, 2018
I’ve been researching for awhile and am ready to make the change from my Goliath climber. I’m stick of lugging that thing around and want to make my setup as minimal and efficient for me as possible. I want to start getting in the timber more and exploring new land away from the crowds.

Im 6’4” 280lbs and will be using Beast sticks for climbing. Both methods are appealing to me but I need to pick one for this year and then can add to the arsenal.

Does JX3 carry gear well and pack sticks? Seems like it would save me from getting a backpack and platform I would want with a kestrel/mantis and might keep bulk down. I’m assuming weight comparison may be a wash between the two when all said and down?

Thanks for any input.


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Dec 25, 2015
The jx3 carries gear and sticks well and yes you can stand on your top stick.
The hybrid is about 10 pounds plus sticks weapon linemans belt and tether

I have a kestrel and mantis
1 or 2.5 pounds
Pack. 4.5 pounds. Frameless turkey pack for gear sticks and platform
Platform 3 pounds or 5 squirrels steps 20 oz

The second set up is not as nice on my back but is not as wide walking thru thick stuff

You cannot beat the jx3 when you are carrying cold weather clothes and a cold wind is at your back. It is more comfortable.

For short sits or presets or early season I like a mantis or kestrel

Because it carries well I sometimes put my predator platform on my jx3

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Mar 21, 2018
I was just gong to point you to the same thread! @kyler1945 has some great reviews on it and videos. They're on point and super helpful. Him and @Ontariofarmer , @Autumnrider all give great feedback on these and how they fit into their saddle quiver.