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Wyze outdoor cam for trail camera


New Member
Aug 10, 2020
Stillwater, MN
I hunt all public land and see allot of hunting pressure. To date I havent had any trail cameras stolen and rarely get pictures of other hunters, likely because I go deeper than most. However come late October my areas start to change, not only from the rut but also because of baiting. There are no ag fields and very little oak anywhere around so brows are the main food source. (Mostly clear cuts from logging)

To get to the point of the post. Wyze is releasing their wireless outdoor camera in October. It has an offline mode so it can run without connection to the internet and reports 3-6month battery life. I was daydreaming of using a few of these to pattern not whitetails but humans. What do you guys think? Is it worth it? 50$ It may even work as a trail camera if hung high and pointed down. The IR is only about 25 feet. I live 3 hours away from where I hunt so going out and checking the area is not an option for me. But I go a couple times a month so I could check the cameras near the parking areas and guage hunter traffic and adjust accordingly.

Now to vent: I went out opening weekend to try and catch my target buck for the year by surprise (2nd year in a row after him) but when I got there there were two trucks in my area. I talked to one of them and found out they were on guided bear hunts hunting bait piles. One guy very close to the area where i believe this buck beds all summer and into September. He dissapeared mid September last year and this year he so far dissapeared about aug 27th. I know which trail is his because he is pretty much the only deer I get on camera on that trail 2 years in a row all summer long. There are 2 options for him to bed near that trail.
So last year a guy started a bait pile and walked across this trail a couple times a week. Deer dissapeared. This year there's a bear bait somewhere nearby. So far deer has dissapeared.

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Sep 4, 2017
New York
It’s either the intrusion, or he shifts his pattern this time of year based on food sources, cover, etc... Idk how large the land is your hunting, but he could still be in there somewhere or not too far off. I’d try glassing fields or spotlighting where legal. Then, if need be, start knocking on doors to get permission to hunt where you think he is. If you see him again that is. I hope you do! Oh, and I would swear wasting time and money on cameras to watch people..... we can’t do anything about them, but we can about deer!!! Get more cameras to run and catch up to him!


New Member
Mar 15, 2020
There are a ton of cams on Amazon that are cheap and decent. I have a Campark that has been awesome. I also am looking at Alpha Cam(a little more$$ but American made), and Oudmon (cheaper and Chinese made but excellent reviews). For between $40 and 100 you can get between a 65-100’ detection and IR range. I’ve learned that detection range is one of my most important features where I hunt.

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