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Recent content by CamoMan

  1. CamoMan

    Cutting lone wolf sticks...again

    Cut just below the middle step. Moved up the versa button. Followed @GBlevins92 mod for the brackets. 15 inch step on the stick with 17 inch step on the cable aider.
  2. CamoMan

    Optics for a shotgun

    Love my red dot on my 870. Use it for turkey and deer hunting. Works great for the type of terrain I hunt. No need for zoom for me personally. If I was hunting field edges it could be a different story, but I'm not going to fling a slug super far anyways. This vortex one is great...
  3. CamoMan

    How thin of a tree do you hunt? and How?

    6-12 is Ideal. Smallest was about 3.5-4 inches at height. And let me tell you was that thing swaying around lol. 225lbs tethered in to that small of tree sure did make it move lol. Wouldn't hunt that small again just do to lack of stability if trying to shoot. I use both a ROS and platform. Just...
  4. CamoMan

    Prayers needed

    I’m so glad to hear the surgery went as well as it could have! I’m continuing to send prayers your way! Stay strong!
  5. CamoMan

    Western PA (Pittsburgh) Area Saddle Hunters

    I grew up in the Beaver Falls/ Chippewa area, but now live in SE MN. Miss that part of the country though. Wish I could help, but just wanted to say hi to another yinzer
  6. CamoMan

    Need a Grill - Can I Smoke?

    I use my weber charcoal grill to grill and smoke and it works just fine. I smoke a 4lb pork shoulder and it takes me about 7-8 hours and isn't that difficult. Once you find the right vent settings to maintain temp all I do is check on the temp every 30 min or so. There are more expensive options...
  7. CamoMan

    Ohio property

    I know my brother in-law does this for some of his farm and he rents out 200 acres to 3 guys and they pay 2k per person. He's in SE MN if that helps ya out. He's had the same guys do it for the past 10 years.
  8. CamoMan

    WTB Nock On Silver Back

    I'm looking for a nockon silver back release. If anyone is willing to part from one let me know. Thanks!
  9. CamoMan

    LWCG Pocket Arm

    Thanks I appreciate it!
  10. CamoMan

    LWCG Pocket Arm

    Ya, I'm thinking about getting it for this year and if not I'll for sure have it for next year. Self filming seems awesome and right up my alley.
  11. CamoMan

    LWCG Pocket Arm

    That looks sweet. I want to start filming with my Nikon D3300 but not sure how it will do. I'm assuming it will be alight with an external mic but I have no experience
  12. CamoMan

    First lite kits

    What about ramen for dinner!? I agree though. I try and save where I can so I get stuff I want. But I have a wife and kids so that makes it even harder. But I just ship everything to work!!