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Recent content by DeadHeadSpread

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    New Guy from Central PA

    Welcome from Clearfield County.
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    First Saddle Buck

    Nice buck, congrats on the first saddle kill.
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    Forced to Become a Leaner

    Forgot my knee pads for last evening's hunt. What a drag one sticking up a tree and leaning for 3 hours!!
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    Simmons Whitetail Classic 10mp

    I just bought 2 of the Simmons in June. On one of them the guys in China put the incorrect battery terminal in it. No luck getting in touch with customer service via email or phone after multiple tries. The $30 camera doesn’t work because I need a tiny piece of metal worth about 10 cents. I...
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    Opening Morning Velvet

    Awesome buck!
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    Illegal Ladder Stands on Public Land

    Seems like the original poster is from PA. I see this a lot in PA too. I don’t mess with the illegally left stands when spring scouting. I would not feel right messing with them. They are a good data point to not hunt within a few hundred yards. What really drives me nuts is when I am a...
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    H2 Saddle

    Complete setup with saddle, tether, linesman’s, prussic tender, 3 carabiners, and H2 decal just as it comes from H2. Leg straps are intact and everything in great condition. Saddle is a size medium and has the adjustable triad amsteel bridge. Like new condition. Asking $255 TYD using PayPal.
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    H2 talk

    Too bad, I probably would take that trade!
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    H2 talk

    I have one posted on the classifieds right now. I like the saddle, light and comfy, but looking to sell it and try out a 2 panel. If I can’t sell it for a reasonable buck I’ll hunt with it next season.
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    Bump again, I thought price was reasonable, nobody liking the H2? It’s a good saddle, I just want to try a 2 panel.
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