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Recent content by DirtMover

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    Bolt issues

    Another vote for Black Eagle Executioner Bolts. I love them. Great Company great product.
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    2020 virginia buck

    Very nice buck. Congrats!
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    Welcome from North GA. Kiss your money goodbye you just went down a rabbit hole that has no bottom but it is worth it all the way!
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    Do you need a platform with JX3?

    I use 3 20 “ Hawk Helium Sticks and I ROS. I set the ring of steps not quite as high above my last stick as I would if I was going to use 4 sticks to climb. That seems to get me plenty of height and ability to move around the tree.
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    Recall on some BlackDiamond biners!

    Great info here. Thanks for the heads up on the carabiners.
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    Nice Buck Down

    Way to go man. Nice buck!
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    GA Deer Coming On Strong

    Things are looking good in. Northwest GA. My buddy checked his trail camera this evening and saw these boys in waiting. I’m getting real excited only a few weeks to go!
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    Rifle scope recommendations

    I had a Burris FULLFIELD II 3x9x40 for a number of years. Loved it. Unfortunately year before last I dropped my rifle out of a ladder stand and it landed on the scope and put a big dent in the side of the tube. I was just sick about it. Anyway last year right before season started I thought let...
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    Vortex Crossfire 8x42 for this poor Georgia Boy. This will be my second season using them. I am 100% happy with them. They are clear don’t fog up and I can see good early morning and up until late evening. One thing I especially like is how smooth the focus is on them.
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    North Georgia bow shop...

    Thanks for the heads up. Those are the kinda of people you want to find to work on your stuff.
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    I bought a pair of 8 x 42 Vortex Crossfire HD last year and am really happy with the in the Woods of North Ga. They seem to be good and clear even in low light of early morning or late evening hunts. Not quite as clear as the Vortex Diamondbacks but I just didn’t have the extra money. So they...
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    New here from Georgia

    Welcome from Northwest Ga. I am just getting started this year. Just bought a JX-3 yesterday and can’t wait for it to get here. My advice is just keep on reading here. Seems like everyday I find some new helpful info on here. I can see that if you aren’t careful you could go broke, but what a...
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    Hi everyone,

    Hey from down South in Georgia