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Recent content by gameflogger

  1. gameflogger

    PLEASE CLOSE WTB Bitzenberger Jig w/ Straight or Right Clamp

    I have a bitz, I think I have a straight and right clamp. U got anything to horse trade for it?
  2. gameflogger

    Gear 4 sale

    I will take the scott release pm me
  3. gameflogger

    Random question of the week. #1

    Quiet time, actually Im usually cruising Camofire I don’t usually post on SH until I am at my desk at work Trying to look busy.
  4. gameflogger

    Ryan from SE Michigan

    Welcome from Texas
  5. gameflogger

    Random question of the week. #1

    For me...... it has to be the toilet. Only place a married father of two can think, my favorite place to read, part of my morning routine, I like it so much I be sure to sit on it at least once a day.
  6. gameflogger

    WTS Tenzing TT15 pack $50 TYD

    I will take it
  7. gameflogger

    Gun for my son(6 year old).

    Two words.... twentytwo twofifty!!!
  8. gameflogger

    Best Method for Climbing Backcountry Pines with Brittle and Scaly Bark?

    I hunt east TX and I have used almost every climbing method except 2 tether climbing on pine trees. They all work well. Pine trees are noisy to climb and anything you leave on the tree that bites in ends up sticky before the climb down. Srt and drt are almost out of the question without...
  9. gameflogger

    Truck camping: What do you use for heat at night as the seasons gets later?

    Btu’s are btu’s.....a water heater is not near as efficient as direct heating because you lose btu’s by exhausting combustion air to the outside. An infrared heater like the buddy is 100% efficient because all of the thermal energy is being utilized in the thermal envelope. If you are curious...
  10. gameflogger

    Badlands Pyre jacket

    Anyone else have a badlands Pyre jacket? If so I have some questions. Mine fits great, but is a little snug under my armpits.
  11. gameflogger

    Hello From CT

    Welcome from Texas
  12. gameflogger

    Safeguard rappelling

    One thing to take note of if you are using the safeguard/ oplux for your tether as well is that when you hang for a while on the safeguard your oplux rope will distort. When you first start your rappel you will get a very short rapid drop until the distorted portion is clear of the device. You...
  13. gameflogger

    Rub my feet

    Keens are super comfortable and have a 1 year warranty
  14. gameflogger