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Recent content by GiGisDaddy

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    How do you decide what method?

    I think your answer is Yes.. but I think you will be less sweaty and noisy if you practice one, maybe 2 until , well, you can do in the dark,quietly without sweating bullets.
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    Hawk Hangout Tree Seat

    But if you REALLY want one I'll sell you one for 20 bucks, may have to look for the seat though
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    Sold: Please close NuCanoe Frontier 12

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    No Stick method

    DANO, Have you/were you going to add a sewn 2 step aider to your inventory or was I drinking Miller High Life watching Nutterbuster??
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    what kind of permethrin are you using?

    you are right Tom, I have a big bottle of Martin's to get rid of but, turkey season is upon us
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    what kind of permethrin are you using?

    From website: Now you can get your own favorite clothing treated. Just like other Insect Shield apparel, the repellency added to your clothes is invisible, odorless, EPA-registered and lasts through 70 washings. And… we’ve made it even easier for you... Not permanent, depending on how often...
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    Ghillie suits

    I just bought a ghillie poncho from red rock outdoors off Amazon. For water wear I was thinking either tuck it inside my waders or hitch it up with the wader belt
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    Help me find a job

    Man, the bug must be in the air. the traveling thing wont work for you as I doubt Mrs. Nutter will tolerate that. Hunting all day is one thing but you coming home weekly, may find your saddle and squirrel steps on the front porch, or Jody may be using them. I am on the North ends of the...
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    Removable bridge

    a delta screw link is small and strong
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    Nutterbuster Southern Ground Podcast

    I enjoy the southern ground podcast and he sometimes adds too much to the show. If he is interviewing a real deer killer I want to hear from him not the host. Ask the question and sit back and listen. If he wants to expound on one of his hunts, I want to hear that too but have a separate show...
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    New guy in LA

    Thought you meant lower Alabama but welcome!
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    Camo vs solids

    I lean more towards grey, works for the deer
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    Saddle Sit Scouts

    WARNING: Last March I was checking out a thicket, saw a highway of tracks and 3 deer, went back during bow season and did not see the deer sign. That was because the water was up in March and it ran them into those thickets, water went down they went back home, I didnt answer the question : why...
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    New guy

    Rules 76- Dont over think it, its a hunting method, it aint magic- my brother in law hunts from an API grand slam and he is a freaking deer magnet, but i hate climbers, love my saddle. Rule 47 Learn how to use your climbing method(in the dark, in the rain,on a plane, oops thats Dr Seauss Rule 1...
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    Newbie...looking for suggestions & advice

    Question have you ever climbed with sticks? I ask because I hadn't before this my first saddle season. I am 59 6ft and 240, little pauchy. One sticking isn't hard but it takes a little practice,something I didn't do, practicing in the hunt isn't a good idea. Very safe,lots of great videos on...