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Recent content by mermatt83

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    All we need is just a little patience.

    nice write up. Glad you were able to learn stuff from your hunt and give yourself credit for what you did "right." Remember to try not to let the results determine whether a decision was sound or not. You could have just as easily moved your set up and killed a really nice buck and decided that...
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    Burned Out!!! Tips?

    It's ok not to go out. Try to take an honest inventory whether you'll enjoy your sit, even if it doesn't involve a kill or even seeing deer. Unless your family is going to go hungry without venison, it would do many of us good to take a deep breath and not put so much pressure on ourselves to be...
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    My first saddle Buck(Iowa Public Land)

    Nice buck and nice writeup. Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
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    Thinking about saddle hunting. Need some info please !

    I am tall and fairly thin with a lower back that tends to be easily irritated and saddle hunting is so much better for me than traditional stands. The one thing I would highly recommend for your low back in general, but also to get the most comfort in saddle hunting, would be to work on...
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    Last local buck tag

    Nice buck! Thanks for sharing.
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    The Winking Buck

    great pics. Great buck. Congratulations.
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    KY Public land bow kill 11/12/20

    he's a bruiser! Nicely done!
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    Land Between the Lakes - 1st Saddle Success

    nice write up. great job. every deer harvested with a bow is a trophy. in 2020 glad you got together with your buddies and did your trip.
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    My first saddle harvest - Pa Public Land

    nice deer. great shot. glad you got your first. first of many, we hope!
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    Nostalgic first saddle kill

    nice buck! I'm really impressed that you got set up close to buck bedding while being new to saddlehunting. I'm still a loud ****-show getting set up, or I have to go super duper slow if i want to be quiet-ish. Nicely done!
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    1st saddle kill.

    Nice. He's a beaut!
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    My 1st Saddle kill

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    very well said!
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    First time was the charm!

    beauty! kudos on the hot cocoa balancing kill. that's some skill/luck...
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    I'm always surprised and shocked when i see things that remind me that some humans have no humanity. I can't imagine killing a being for its antlers alone, or for just the most choice cut of the meat. I understand that the animal will get eaten by all sorts of creatures, but I just so can't...