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Recent content by Robert loper

  1. Robert loper

    Beast stand - part2

    I heard today. There is gonna be a shorter beast stand made in the near or far future. pretty good info and reliable to.
  2. Robert loper

    DIY LWCG pocket arm

    Nice job bro thats good stuff
  3. Robert loper

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    Thats not what im disappointed in. I choose not to disclose why. But i am disappointed in most of these big influencers. The biggest 2 the most. Me and you i believe had this conversation in a phone call last year
  4. Robert loper

    The Hunting Public Deer School?

    Now i will piss people off with saying this im sure but, im a fan and those guys.i really am but im disappointed in them With that said they do know what they are doing and really lets be honest they have the time to put into it to be successful. They hunt or scout every day in multiple...
  5. Robert loper

    Flat Branch Outdoors

    A season. Or at least few dozen sits. There is no way someone can do a really good review on a product in a backyard situation compared to a season of beating the snot out of a product in a real hunting situation. pro staff reviews are just a chuckle to me because they are trying to push a...
  6. Robert loper

    Flat Branch Outdoors

    I expected a response from the plebster like this. Lol Reach out to him see what he says. Lmao Dont get salty bro im just trying to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. he is great people I kinda know what he has been through lately and what is going through. give the dide time to reply...
  7. Robert loper

    Flat Branch Outdoors

    Not to sound like a poop but How do you review a product you just got!? Is it an unboxing or how its built?
  8. Robert loper

    Flat Branch Outdoors

    I agree 100%. You know he was recently in a really serious car accident? That changes alot. life happens and i agree. When you order something thats in huge demand a month before the season or during the season your gonna wait. Especially when its only one or two people running things. Con...
  9. Robert loper

    Flat Branch Outdoors

    I have had a saftey harness made buy them and they were awesome on building what i want. Its perfect. Highly recommended company from me. good quality and stitching is great. They will custom make pretty much anything you want I had my harness i think in less than 2 weeks
  10. Robert loper

    Predator platform noise.

    The actual ultimate fix for the noise would be a lwcg .5. The ultimate hybrid setup.
  11. Robert loper

    Outfitter Spartanforge, is anyone using it and what is your opinion?

    I bought it and love it. It needs a few tweaks just like anything new but if they do it right onx will be now a runner up.
  12. Robert loper

    Map Reading new spot.

    Id be looking alont that field then following sign back to those wet areas. Thats most likely where the bedding will be.
  13. Robert loper

    Looking for info on 4 sticks for saddle hunting.

    If you can only get out a few times a week. I would go xop, or novix. If your an extreme insane hunter like me i would get beast or lone wolf custom gear. Lwcg for me is the best on market for packability. And everything they have is pretty much a system. but thats me.
  14. Robert loper

    3 items for sale

    I have a new pair of wolverine size 11 ,800 gram insulated boots. 100$ tyd. i wore twice they are like new. i have as a set. Browning high pile jacket and 6 pocket pants both xxl. 100$ tyd for set Also i have 2 simmons 3/9-40mm scopes. 100$ obo for both. No trades please. Pm me and we will get...
  15. Robert loper

    How will deer like this change?

    Really depends on a few things. Food is not the problem because by the looks of the picture there is plenty. Pressure being probably the biggest then finding nearest acorns or seasonal nuts for them to stage up on. acorns will pretty much trump all food sources for a few weeks. But the deer...