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platform for sale

  1. J

    WTS Tethrd Predator Platform Gen 2 -- SOLD, please close

    $180 to your door OBO. Gen 2 Predator Platform. Used the last two seasons, a couple dozen hunts with it. Will include original cam buckle strap. DIY sponge camo paint job. Has a Lone Wolf bracket, which I've found bites the tree better. I also have a new DanO bracket that I haven't gotten around...
  2. J

    Trophyline Mission Platform for sale

    $225 to your door OBO, friends and family. Used for maybe four hunts. Super nice, solid platform. Just like a smaller one I realized. Came with a slight blemish from Trophyline, near the post attachment. Sent from my SM-G975U1 using Tapatalk
  3. Warsons Regulators

    Platform suggestions

    Just got my Tactisaddle couple days ago, standing on the seat of a old tree stand using it as a platform. Platform is the route I want to go. What’s suggestions everyone have? For light, sturdy, simple to operate and easy on the wallet?
  4. D

    (SOLD - PLEASE CLOSE) Wild Edge Perch For Sale

    Wild Edge Perch For Sale Purchased End of August 2019. Used 5-6 times. Worked great but need to replace other higher priority gear. Little bit of wear as seen in pictures. No Modifications. $125 TYD UPS Ground = Tracking and Quick Delivery Payment accepted: PayPal
  5. Dmeckert18

    $100, Wtb....looking for a platform

    Wanting to spend $100. Really just wanting an xop seat or old lonewolf seat to make a platform but willing to look at everything
  6. Dmeckert18

    Wanting to buy a platform or complete platform set up

    Looking for a good platform to use or a solid complete setup. Looking for an xop platform or lonewolf but open to all.
  7. Dmeckert18

    Wanting to BUY a platform or a complete platform setup

    Trying to find a good platform or a complete setup. Prefer an xop or lonewolf platform and set up but open to all.
  8. R

    XOP Diy Platform for sale

    I have a XOP diy platform that I'm selling for $120 to your door. I have attached pictures of them Platform. The only thing that is wrong with the platform is the where the leveling bolt hits the bar its pushed in. I have tried to upload pictures but it says the image is to large. I can email or...