2019 Hunting Season Bonehead Moves


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Feb 28, 2019
Went out Friday for my first sit of the year and first saddle hunt ever. Found a great tree at the intersection of several deer trails just off a swamp between two agg fields.

The tree had branches starting at about 12 feet. I have never practiced climbing or hanging in a tree with branches. It didn't go well.

After a struggle to get up, a struggle to set up, and no way to move around the tree or shoot at hunting height I climbed down and went looking for a new tree.

Bonehead move: climbing a type of tree I had never practiced

Non-bonehead move: being in the woods on a perfect fall day!!!!


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Sep 6, 2018
Central Kentucky
Last night after one sticking up and sitting till dark (only had a doe blow at me) went to rappel down and got just about halfway when I realized my autoblock was instead a prusik knot and it was waaaaaaaaaaay to tight to feed into the atc, so there I hang off this tree. Only have a tether and my rappel rig. Finally have to re-tether and try to claw my way up the tree to relieve tension so i can get the rope to feed into the atc and get me down.

Whew I'm glad I had the tether on me, since all my other crap was on the ground.


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Jan 21, 2018
Lenawee, MI
Have only ground hunted so far this year, had some close opportunities, but no results yet. Broke out the saddle for the year's first hang tonight, walked 1,060 yards into a spot I've never been before. But looked promising on maps.

Bumped 4 deer out of the clearing I hoped to hunt over when I got there - this was really exciting! Slowly, quietly put 3 sticks on the tree, negotiated my linemans belt around 2 branches... got to the top, got out my tether, and... crap.

Somehow forgot that carabiner. Not just in the truck. All the way back in my garage.

Hung out fuming for a bit at the top of my sticks, leaning back on my linemans rope. Debated undoing the lineman's... using the carabiner from it, but not being attached by anything for a few moments to do it... Nah. Sigh. Finally started getting down...

Bumped more deer from the far side of the field that I hadn't seen yet. Probably burned the spot, never even got to nock an arrow.