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Any Minnesota meetup?


New Member
May 28, 2019
Could you share what you've done on your XOP?
ok first pic is how it sits so far. I left part of the suspenders attached at the waist and put cheap quick release buckles on them to use as a waist belt to keep the saddle from flopping around or falling around my ankles. Second pic is what I left from the leg straps that are for use as a treestand harness. Seems how I'm only using it as a saddle they are no longer needed. The part thats left will be where I put gear ties to hang my climbing sticks on each side while going up the tree. Once my fiance has time, she is going to use excess strapping to sew loops on the back of the waist for hanging dump bags for tether and linemans belt. All told its down to maybe just over 1 lb in weight now and alot less cumbersome.

Also, I can't take credit for the idea of these mods. I got most of the ideas from youtube.